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Join Our Quinta do Pisão Team Adventure

Where Your Journey Could Lead to More!

Hello, adventurous souls and potential future team members! We’re on an exhilarating journey at Quinta do Pisão, molding an experiential tourism oasis that marries holiday vibes with creativity and learning. However, every grand project starts with solid foundations, and that’s exactly what we need you for!

🌱 A New Era of Team Building

At Quinta do Pisão, being part of the team is not just about contributing; it’s a stepping stone to a lasting career in our expanding family. We’re in search of passionate individuals eager to immerse themselves in various roles, from gardening to gourmet cooking, while enjoying the stunning scenery and possibly uncovering their true vocation.

🤝 Why Join Our Team?

  1. Merit-Based Advancement: Your time with us is a golden opportunity to secure a permanent position.
  2. Diverse Experiences: Explore different roles, find your passion, and tailor your journey.
  3. Community Living: Enjoy our cosy Team House, share meals, and connect with fellow team members in a supportive environment.
  4. Learning Opportunities: From horticulture to crafting vegetarian delights with our garden produce, every day is a chance to learn something new.

🌟 Areas We’re Exploring

  • Team Manager: If leading and making everyone feel welcome is your forte, we want you.
  • Chef and Sous-Chef: Passionate about vegetarian cooking with organic ingredients? Join our culinary team.
  • Gardeners: Our gardens are the essence of Quinta do Pisão. If you’ve got a green thumb or are keen to develop one, this is your place.
  • Construction and Maintenance: Skilled in woodworking? Help us shape our dream.
  • Management Team: If you’re organized, personable, and dedicated to creating memorable experiences, we’d love to have you.

🏡 Accommodation, Meals, and Compensation

  • Comfortable Living: Our Team House offers comfy accommodations, communal areas, and plenty of fresh produce for your culinary experiments. Van life enthusiasts welcome!
  • Fair Compensation: As a valued team member, you’ll receive at least the Portuguese hourly minimum wage, social security contributions, and legal insurance against workplace accidents. A formal contract ensures healthcare, unemployment benefits, and all rights accorded to workers in Portugal.
  • Requirements: Agree on the stay’s duration, have or obtain a Portuguese fiscal number (NIF) and a Social Security number (NISS). (we can help to obtain a NIF and NISS, but not a working visa)

🔄 What We’re Looking For

  • Commitment: Ready to join us for a minimum of 6 weeks, with a preference for longer engagements.
  • Flexibility: Adaptability is key, as work schedules can change with the weather.
  • Openness: Be ready to contribute, learn, and grow within our community.

💭 Ready to Start This Exciting Venture?

If you’re between 25 and 60, or young at heart, and seek an adventure that combines work and passion, we’d love to connect with you. Fill out our application form, and let’s discuss this incredible opportunity.

Quinta do Pisão is more than a workplace—it’s a journey that could be the start of something transformative. Are you ready to take the first step?

Note: In addition to staff positions, we welcome work experience placements from academic institutions and local community members looking to engage in our experiential tourism project. This inclusive approach ensures a diverse, skilled, and dedicated team, laying the foundational stones of Quinta do Pisão with care and community spirit.

Volunteers Phase 1

The basics

In what quality (qualities) would you like to apply?
If you were sent here through Workaway or any other Volunteering Site, and if you would like to continue our communication through the site, you may leave this field blank.
If you were sent here through Workaway or any other Volunteering Site, and if you would like to continue our communication through the site, you may leave this field blank.
Please fill out a number only. Due to the existence of a work contract and insurance, we require an absolute minimum of 6 weeks.
Which is your current situation?
Where would you like to stay?
Can you legally work in Portugal?

As a small organization, we currently do not have the resources to sponsor visas for individuals from outside the European Union. We recommend that you only continue with this application if you can secure a fiscal representative and a long-term work contract through another employer.

By proceeding with this application, your details will be included in our database for potential future opportunities. This will ensure that once you have managed all necessary paperwork independently, we can consider your application for upcoming positions.

We value your interest in joining our team and look forward to the possibility of working together once the required conditions are met.

Chack the legal documents you already own

Your Capabilities

Please tell us how much you feel at home in the following areas. Nobody is good at everything so please don’t reply 10 to everything 😉
Independently of what you already know, in which of these areas would you be more interested?

‘Volunteer’ Work

Some open questions

The rest


Maximum file size: 134.22MB


We will need to organise a video chat some time soon. Which platforms can you use?
When would be a good time?
Which days of the week are most suitable for you?
What time of day can you make it?